IPv6 Security Consultancy Services

IPv6 Security

IPv6 introduces new challenges in the struggle to keep networks secure.

The deployment of IPv6 requires a number of security measures to be introduced in order to avoid opening your network to attack.

At Erion we have extensive experience of securing IPv6 across many different platforms, operating systems and applications.

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IPv6 and Security

IPv6 Vulnerabilities

IPv6 introduces a new set of security threats. Firstly, there are the threats associated with the new protocol itself. These include, the abuse of core parts of IPv6 such as Neighbor Discovery (ND) and ICMPv6.

Then there are threats resulting from the new features in IPv6 such as IPSec, IPv6 Mobility and Router Renumbering.

Finally, IPv6 introduces a whole series of risks from the many transition mechanisms that have been developed to ease the migration from IPv4 to IPv6.