Windows IPv6 Consultancy

Erion's IPv6 Windows consultants have extensive experience of implementing IPv6 on Microsoft Windows. They are skilled in both IPv6, the Windows operating systems and Active Directory.

Building Windows networks using IPv6 requires an in-depth understanding both of Windows networks and IPv6. Erion provides that expertise.

Windows and IPv6

Since the early part of the 21st century IPv6 has been a standard feature of all Windows operating systems. The networking stack in Windows is an IPv6 dual stack that provides backwards compatibility for IPv4. Today most features of Windows networking operating over both IPv6 and IPv4. The exceptions include legacy IPv4 only protocols such as NetBIOS. In addition, modern versions of Windows include new features designed to facilitate the use of IPv6 such as Link Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR).

Windows support for IPv6 has developed over the years. For example, the choice of which protocol and address to use has changed with the evolution of standards and with changes to Windows specific behavior. Understanding the operation of IPv6 generally and the operation of IPv6 on Windows is crucial to deploying IPv6 in Windows based networks.

At Erion we have consultants with substantial experience in both Windows and IPv6. They are ideally positioned to help you make the right decisions when deploying IPv6 in Windows networks.

Windows and Unix/Linux Integration and IPv6

Our consultants also have extensive experience of Windows and Unix/Linux integration technologies. These include Samba, PADL, Vintella, Services for Unix (SFU), Kerberos and LDAP. Many organisations utilise one or more of these technologies to integrate their Windows and Unix/Linux systems. These organisations need to prepare to enable IPv6 on these systems.

Erion worked with the Samba team over a number of years to IPv6 enable first the Linux CIFS clients, Samba 3 and then Samba 4. Today Samba is fully IPv6 enabled as a results of our efforts.

Our consultants have wide experience on these technologies. Erion consultants have written whitepapers, books and training material for Mircosoft and other organisations on these topics.

Windows and IPv6

Microsoft Windows operating systems have had IPv6 support for a number of years. Production IPv6 stacks have been available for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 since 2003. However, it is not until the release of Windows Vista that Microsoft's IPv6 stack became fully integrated into the operating system with full support across all services including Active Directory.

Windows Longhorn and Windows Vista are designed to use IPv6 as their default stack. In IPv4 networks they can use a number of transition techniques to operate an IPv6 network without having to migrate the network infrastructure to IPv6