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Erion IPv6 News

In February 2016, we will be running one of our most popular IPv6 training courses in London UK. The course, Implementing and Securing IPv6 is a comprehensive technical course that is ideal for all technologists interested in learning how to deploy and secure IPv6. The recent announcements by all of the UK’s major ISPs that they ... [More]

Last week Erion’s David Holder spoke at the immensely successful (and oversubscribed) IoT Scotland 2015 event in Edinburgh. His presentation covered the crucial, but often underrated, topic of IoT integration and standardisation. Interestingly many of the other speakers at this year’s event alluded to IoT standards demonstrating the increasing awareness of how important IoT standardisation ... [More]

Yesterday, ARIN announced the depletion of their IPv4 address pool. They join APNIC and RIPE in no longer being able to provide IPv4 addresses by traditional means. Allocation of IPv4 addresses in future will be strictly limited. A small number may be allocated to those who meet the criteria from a final /8 block reserved for ... [More]

In line with the other large ISPs in the UK, BT has announced the deployment of IPv6. They have set a deadline of the end of 2016 for their entire network to be IPv6 enabled. This is fantastic news for end users in the UK. The IPv4 Internet has been kept operating using a number of techniques ... [More]

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