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Welcome to our IPv6 consultancy home pages. Here you will find a comprehensive range of IPv6 professional services covering all aspects of IPv6. We can help you plan, deploy, manage and operate IPv6.

Erion IPv6 News

6LowPAN and the Internet of Things, New Training Courses from Erion in 2015

Erion is delighted to announce an exciting new training course; 6LowPAN and the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an astounding pace. There is a proliferation of Internet enabled devices, with new ones appearing almost daily. Cars, houses, farms, businesses and ... [More]

Implementing and Securing IPv6 Training April 2015

Erion is pleased to announce that we are running our world-leading Implementing and Securing IPv6 (5-day) training course as a public event in Edinburgh UK in April 2015. This is the first time that we have run this course as a public scheduled course in the UK. Previously this course has proved to ... [More]

New IPv6 Training Course - IPv6 Troubleshooting Best Practice for Helpdesks

Erion have just released a new IPv6 course for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This course is designed to help ISPs prepare their Helpdesk staff to support IPv6. Many ISPs have already deployed or are in the process of deploying, IPv6. A key aspect of any deployment is ensuring that all staff have the necessary ... [More]

BT to Enable IPv6 for Broadband Users in 2015

At the recent IPv6 Enablers conference held in Edinburgh last week, BT announced that they will be rolling out IPv6 to broadband users in 2015. In 2013, BT trialled the use of Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) as a possible approach to extending the life of the IPv4 Internet. BT found the problems associated with CGN made ... [More]

IPv6 Consultancy

Erion IPv6 Consultancy

IPv6 Consultancy

Although IPv6 is based on the concepts developed over twenty years in IPv4, it is still a new protocol. IPv6 contains many new concepts including new types of addresses, new features and a bewildering array of transition mechanisms.

Erion has been working with organisations over many years helping them to evaluate, implement and operate IPv6 networks.

Whilst the change to IPv6 will be a gradual process with a period of dual operation of both IPv4 and IPv6, it is still inevitable. Erion is here to help you through the process of implementing IPv6.


IPv6 Deployment Consultancy from Erion

Deploying IPv6

Organisation's considering deploying IPv6 typically go through a number of key phases. Erion provides consultancy to help you through each of these phases.

Typical steps include the preparation of an IPv6 strategy, the assessment of an organisation's IPv6 readiness, testing IPv6, deploying IPv6 and finally operating IPv6.

Erion's consultants can help you through each of these stages or at any stage during the assessment, implementation and operation of IPv6.

Our wide experience of IPv6 will ease the process of deploying IPv6 in your organisation. Click on one of the side or top menus for more details. More...

IPv6 Security and IPv6 Threats

Securing IPv6

IPv6 brings a number of new threats to organisations. New addressing schemes, changes to the way protocols work, new features and complex transition mechanisms have the potential to open your network to new threats.

Erion's consultants have a wide experience of securing IPv6 on many different operating systems and network devices. They can also help you design your network for security and help you understand the new security issues resulting from IPv6.

IPv6 security must be addressed by all organisations, not just those testing and implementing IPv6. New operating systems and network devices have the potential to release IPv6 onto your network by stealth.

IPv6 Technical Consultancy

IPv6 Technical Consultancy

Erion IPv6 technical consultancy provides you with a one-stop-shop for all your IPv6 technical help.

Our IPv6 consultants have an extensive experience of IPv6 on a wide range of operating systems, routers and network applications.

Erion's IPv6 technical consultancy covers, networked operating systems including, Unix, Linux and Windows, router configuration, network security and IPv6 network applications.

For more details click here.

Erion IPv6 Testing

Testing IPv6

Testing IPv6 can be an involved and complex process. Erion can help you test IPv6 in a number of ways.

Erion can help you put together a test plan that takes into account the requirements of your organisation and the many different features of IPv6. This ensures that you test the aspects of IPv6 that are relevant to you.

In addition, Erion can help you put together an IPv6 test lab or carry out the testing in our own IPv6 test labs.

Erion IPv6 Training

IPv6 Training

Erion's comprehesive range of training courses and workshops are an ideal way to prepare yourself or your staff for IPv6.

Our courses cover all aspects of IPv6 on all key platforms. Furthermore we have modular training that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Erion has many years experience delivering quality IPv6 training world-wide.

More details of our IPv6 training courses and the options available to your can be found on our IPv6 training web-site.