IPv6 Threat Analysis

IPv6 Threat Analysis

Erion has an broad and detailed understanding of the risks presented by implementing IPv6 in a network. Our IPv6 threat analysis services first look at your network or network design and enumerates the theoretical risks. We then use a number of tools to measure the performance of any security measures already implemented on your network.

The result of our analysis is presented to you in a report in which we also provide guidence on the specific actions that you need to take to secure your IPv6 network.

Threat Analysis

Security threat analysis looks at all aspects of your network (or network design) and seeks to determine the security risks present. There are many techniques available for analysing the threats to a network. These start with an in-depth understanding of the risks that are inherent in the protocols themselves and the different implementations on the platforms in use in the network.

Other techniques include the use of tools to test the network security.