IPv6 Firewall Configuration

Windows IPv6 Firewall

Erion provides consultancy and training on IPv6 firewall configuration. We can help you configure IPv6 firewalls on a range of platforms, including Unix, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows.

IPv6 Firewalls

IPv6 firewalls are commonly available for most platforms. IPv6 firewalls are very similar to IPv4 firewalls. However, the differences between the two protocols mean that there are some key areas that have to be secured in using new techniques.

The rules for configuring IPv6 firewalls are very similar to those for IPv4 firewalls. Again, there are subtle and sometimes significant differences that must be taken into account.

Furthermore, not all IPv6 firewalls are equal. Many products are still seeing significant development. As such the choice of firewall product can be important when implementing IPv6.