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Google have now joined Amazon and Microsoft in adding IPv6 support to their cloud platform. However, the service is not a native IPv6 offering. Both EC2 and Azure provide native IPv6 to VMs. In contrast, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) only supports IPv6 on load balancers.

At the moment GCP IPv6 support is an “Alpha trial”. So it remains to be seen when it will become a production service and when Google will eventually deliver a native IPv6 service on GCP.

The leading cloud providers have been slow to provide native IPv6 support. It is only recently that Amazon and Microsoft have enabled native IPv6 support in EC2 and Azure. Even so, Microsoft’s native support has limitations; address translation at the edge (NPTv6), no connectivity between VMs and an inability to add IPv6 to existing VMs.

It hoped that Google’s trial will lead to a production service fairly soon but it is unclear when Google plans to deliver a native IPv6 service.

In fact, Erion has provided IPv6 services for almost 12 years. Over this period we have a developed the world’s most comprehensive set of IPv6 training courses. We have provided IPv6 training and IPv6 consultancy services to companies across the globe including many of the world’s top companies and in particular to most of the world’s leading IT and communications companies.

During 2009, we saw a significant growth in interest in preparing for and deploying IPv6. This interest was greater than we have seen in any period in our twelve years of providing IPv6 services. This is an indication of how IPv6 is now becoming widely deployed. Many nations, global organisations and corporates now mandate the use of IPv6. As the final exhaustion of the IPv4 address space draws nearer, the IPv6 momentum will grow exponentially.

At Erion we have not stood still. We are continuing to grow our training course portfolio over and above our regular course updates. In 2010 we will be adding a number of new courses to our standard offerings. And don’t forget that we continue to offer modularised courses that can be delivered on-site and tailored to your specific requirements.

In addition to our training we are also further developing our IPv6 consultancy services. Our long experience of IPv6 deployment over many years has allowed us to develop a comprehensive IPv6 deployment methodology. This methodology draws on industry best practice in IPv6 deployment, programme and project management. Our consultants include those experienced not only in IPv6 but also in PRINCE and other methodologies.

If you require any information regarding our services please do not hesitate to contact us using the web-site contact form.

Finally, we wish you a very Happy New Year and a successful and prosperous 2010!

In February 2008, IPv6 addresses were added for six of the world’s 13 root name servers. Now many country code top level domains (ccTLDs) also have IPv6 addresses.

This is a significant step for the widespread deployment of IPv6. Organisations can now, potentially, use only IPv6 for name resolution.

Erion has provided IPv6 consultancy and training to enable ccTLDs to IPv6 enable their domain name services. We have provided a mixture of advanced IPv6 deployment training, IPv6 security training, IPv6 implementation consultancy and IPv6 security consultancy.

Please contact us for further details.