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As the world’s leading IPv6 training company, we are pleased to announced that we will be running some of our most popular IPv6 courses in Edinburgh, UK during 2017.

These include our comprehensive 5-day Implementing and Securing IPv6 course which covers all that you need to deploy and secure IPv6 in your networks.

Erion has over 19 years experience in IPv6. Over that time we have provided IPv6 consultancy and IPv6 training to leading organisations, enterprises and governments world-wide. Throughout the many IPv6 deployments and implementations that we have carried out we have consistently noticed two things; people underestimate the need for IPv6 training and IPv6 training is crucial to success.

Many assume that IPv6 is simply IPv4 with longer addresses. This is naive. Whilst the purpose and basic function of IPv6 is the same as IPv4; that is to route datagrams from a one node to another node (possibly on a different network), the features, functions, attributes and management of IPv6 are very different. Crucially, in many cases what is considered best practice in IPv4 is the opposite in IPv6. This means that staff with extensive experience of IPv4 have to have a change of mindset in order to successfully deploy IPv6.

For this reason, we have created the world’s largest portfolio of IPv6 training courses, covering all aspects if IPv6, across many different platforms and for a wide range of audiences. Continuously updated to reflect the latest standards and best practice our courses are ideally suited to ensure that you are ready to deploy IPv6 in an efficient and safe. Thereby maximising the benefit to your business.

Full details of our upcoming IPv6 training schedule can be found here. Alternatively, we can run on-site IPv6 courses for you at your premises when we can tailor the training programme to meet your exact requirements.

May 2017 Schedule

We have just scheduled courses in May 2017 for Edinburgh, UK. This includes our Implementing and Securing IPv6 course on a range of different platforms including Linux, Cisco IOS and Windows.

Full details can be found at our IPv6 training site.

Please contact us for further details.

At long last Amazon have announced native IPv6 support for EC2 instances in Amazon VPCs. This is great news for those whose IPv6 deployments have been held back by the lack of native IPv6 support in EC2.

The IPv6 service was first released in a limited deployment in the US East (Ohio) Region back in December 2016. It is now available in all regions.

In Amazon VPCs, public IPv6 address bocks are assigned to VPCs in /56 blocks. You can allocated space out of an assigned /56 block to subnets and instances.

Instances are dual stack, that is they can use both native IPv4 and native IPv6. An instance can use IPv6 addresses to communicate with other instances as well as the wider internet.

In contrast with Microsoft Azure, Amazon is not using IPv6 network address translation (NAT). Azure uses a form of Network Prefix Translation (NPTv6) on their load balancers to map between internal and external IPv6 addresses. Azure is also limited in how IPv6 addresses can be used. You cannot assigned IPv6 addresses to existing VMs, whereas in Amazon EC2 you can assign IPv6 addresses to existing instances. In addition, in Azure, you cannot use IPv6 to communicate between VMs. In EC2 you can.

This is an important move forward in the deployment of IPv6. It is to be expected that the few suppliers who continue to provide a legacy-IPv6 only service will move to deploying IPv6 in the near future.