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Erion is pleased to announce that we are running several of our world-leading IPv6 training courses as public events in London UK during April 2012. These include our Implementing IPv6, Securing IPv6 and Introduction to IPv6 courses.

On the 16th April 2012 we are running our 1-day Introduction to IPv6 . This course is an intensive and comprehensive technical overview of IPv6.

From the 17th to the 20th April 2012 we are running our flagship 4-day Implementing IPv6 course. Developed over 13 years, this course covers all aspects of IPv6 in extensive detail and is ideal for all technical staff wishing to learn more about IPv6. This course includes practical hands-on exercises covering all aspects of IPv6. We will be running the Linux, Cisco IOS and Windows versions of this course in parallel. You have the option to chose to carry out hands-on exercises on Linux, Cisco IOS or Windows.

From the 23rd to the 15th April 2012 we are running our 3-day Securing IPv6 course. This course provides a detailed analysis of the security risks associated with the introduction and deployment of IPv6 and how you should secure your network for IPv6. This course also includes extensive hands-on practical exercises, where you are able to use a number of IPv6 vulnerability testing tools and implement a range of IPv6 security features.

Erion is the world’s leading provider of IPv6 training. We have the largest portfolio of IPv6 training courses, suitable for all audiences, covering all aspects of IPv6 on all major operating systems and platforms. Erion’s courses are certfieid by the IPv6 Forum and are part of the Erion IPv6 Certified training programme. In addition to our public IPv6 training schedule, we also provide IPv6 training as on-site courses and we provide Erion Modular IPv6 Training which allows for a bespoke training programme to be created based on our hundreds of IPv6 training modules.For further information please contact us on +44 (0)1422 207000, or through our web-site contact form.

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