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Erion’s David Holder will be presenting at the EU’s Workshop on “Skills for IPv6″ in Ghent Belgium on the 13th December 2010.

He is pleased to be invited to speak and support the EU’s efforts to encourage the adoption of IPv6 in the community. A key part of the adoption of IPv6 is the need for training.

Erion has been providing IPv6 training for over twelve years. Over that time we have created the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of IPv6 training courses. Our courses cover all aspects of IPv6 on all major platforms and operating systems, and are aimed at a wide range of different audiences, from advanced technical staff through to senior management. In over a decade, Erion has gained a wealth of experience in training all types of organisations on every aspect of IPv6. Our customers include many of the world’s leading technology and none technology companies. Well known examples include (in no particular order), The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Cisco, Ericsson, Arbor Networks, Orange, Research in Motion, Sony, EMC, Atos Origin, BAA, BBC and 3Com.

In addition to Erion’s published standard IPv6 courses, we also provide what we call “Modular IPv6 training”. In our IPv6 modular courses, we put together an IPv6 training programme for a client using modules from a number of our standard courses. This allows us to create tailored IPv6 courses for clients without the usual overheads of creating bespoke training.

Further details on Erion’s IPv6 training services can be found at our IPv6 training web-site. Please contact us for further information.

At this year’s Storage Developers Conference in Santa Clara, Erion’s David Holder gave a presentation on IPv6 and SMB.

One question that was raised was that of whether Samba4 will include IPv6 support when it is released. Jeremy Allison was able to confirm that IPv6 was a blocking feature and that Samba4 would not be released without Ipv6 support. He went onto explain that at SambaXP the Samba Team had agreed that Samba4 would not be released without support for any of the major features already found in Samba3. Since IPv6 is a standard feature of Samba3 since version 3.2 Samba4 must support IPv6.

Erion has a long history of working towards IPv6 enabling Samba and was involved in IPv6 enabling the Linux CIFS client and Samba3. Erion carried out the first IPv6 Samba join to Windows Server 2008  and the first ever IPv6 Linux CIFS mount to Windows Server 2008 in 2008.

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