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Erion is pleased to announce that we are running two of our most popular IPv6 courses as public events  in the UK in November 2015.

The two courses are our; Implementing and Securing IPv6 (5-day) and our IPv6 for Software Developers (4-day). These two courses have been used to training thousands of software developers, system administrators and network managers world-wide. They have been developed over a period of 17 years.

The Implementing and Securing IPv6 course covers all aspects of IPv6 deployment and security in comprehensive detail. It is ideal for all technical staff wishing to learn more about IPv6. This 5-day course covers all the topics in our popular Implementing IPv6 (4-day) and Securing IPv6 (3-day) course. This is an intensive course ideal for those who do not have the time to attend both the 4-day and 3-day courses. This course includes extensive practical hands-on IPv6 exercises. The default platform for this course is Linux but we can arrange for the hands-on exercises to be carried out on other platforms including Cisco IOS.

The IPv6 for Software Developers provides all that developers need to write best-practice IPv6 enabled code. The course includes extensive hands-on practical exercises that cover not only the programming aspects of IPv6 but also the various aspects of IPv6 networking that help developers understand the issues behind writing effective IPv6 enabled applications.

All Erion’s IPv6 training courses are Gold certified by the IPv6 Forum. Our IPv6 security courses are also IPv6 Security certified from the IPv6 Forum.

Our Edinburgh, UK training location is situated in the city centre near to the world famous Edinburgh castle. There are many excellent facilities and hotels within walking distance. Edinburgh is easily reached via Edinburgh airport and by the UK rail and road network.

The training fee includes, access to excellent facilities and the provision of a complimentary breakfast, sit-down lunch and unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit throughout the day.

Erion is the world’s leading provider of IPv6 training. We have the largest portfolio of IPv6 training courses, suitable for all audiences, covering all aspects of IPv6 on all major operating systems and platforms. Erion’s courses are certified by the IPv6 Forum and are part of the Erion IPv6 Certified training programme. In addition to our public IPv6 training schedule, we also provide IPv6 training as on-site courses and we provide Erion Modular IPv6 Training which allows for a bespoke training programme to be created based on our hundreds of IPv6 training modules.For further information please contact us on +44 (0)1422 207000, or through our web-site contact form.

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