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Today Ofcom released a report into the Implications of Carrier Network Address Translators.

One of the author’s of the report, Erion’s Dr David Holder said;

“This report is the most comprehensive analysis of the implications of Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) deployment ever carried out. The report demonstrates that CGN deployment has the potential to have a negative impact on a surprisingly widespread and disparate set of groups, consisting of users, service providers, law-enforcement and policy makers.

“One of the most interesting findings that came out of writing this report, was that all parties involved, from service providers to application providers, are reluctant to deploy CGN and emphasised that IPv6 is the only real long term solution to the IPv4 address exhaustion problem. Even more interesting, we found that large ISPs that have deployed CGN used the parallel deployment of IPv6 to mitigate some of the negative impact of CGN deployment.”

“Deploying IPv6 in parallel to CGN provides Internet users with a native IPv6 path to the Internet thereby bypassing the issues caused by CGN. The Service Providers we talked about who have deployed IPv6 to their customers have found that even today over 30% of these customer’s traffic is now native IPv6. This is an amazing figure when you consider who much of the Internet is not yet IPv6 enabled and it reflects the fact that many of the Internet’s biggest players have already deployed IPv6.”

Ofcom should be commended for commissioning and releasing this valuable resource.

Ofcom has just published a report on IPv6; MC-111 Internet Protocol Version 6 Deployment Study.

One of the author’s of the report, Erion’s Dr David Holder said;

“This important report again demonstrates the need for the UK to move faster towards the widespread deployment of IPv6. The UK is lagging behind all comparable nations in the move to IPv6. This will have an impact on the nature and quality of Internet services in the UK, which will have consequences for UK businesses and consumers alike.

“Ofcom should be commended for commissioning and publishing this report.”

For further information on IPv6 in the UK and deploying IPv6 in your environment please contact us at Erion and we could be happy to help.