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The UK’s Engineering professional body, the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) recently covered the status of IPv6 in it’s Engineering and Technology (E&T) magazine. In the article entitled IPv6 Crosses the Line, Erion’s David Holder comments on the need to move to IPv6, “The idea was that people would have already transitioned to IPv6 over the last five years, but that has not happened meaning that migration is now more painful”.

IPv6 Crosses the Line, illustrates how IPv6 has become widely adopted with a number of recent examples, including the Beijing Olympics which used IPv6 networking. However, the key point of the article is that whilst IPv6 is ready and is widely implemented in some countries, there remains an urgency to adopt the protocol before the depletion of IPv6 addresses becomes critical.

Another important point made by the article is that the cost of implementing IPv6 need not be large. In many cases equipment and operating systems already support IPv6 it is simply a case of “turning it on”. The main cost is likely to be in training.

Erion’s David Holder comments on the article, “I agree that for many companies the most significant cost is likely to be IPv6 training. It is important to remember that network specialists, security specialists and system administrators require IPv6 training now. Without it they will not be able to manage properly current operating systems and network devices that include IPv6 support. In particular, security staff need to understand how to secure networks for IPv6 now, not in the future. IPv6 traffic is already on many corporate networks even if an organisation has not migrated to IPv6.”

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