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Erion is delighted to announce an exciting new training course; 6LowPAN and the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an astounding pace. There is a proliferation of Internet enabled devices, with new ones appearing almost daily. Cars, houses, farms, businesses and public places are all becoming a part of the Internet enabled world. The Internet of Things is changing the way that we live.

IPv6 is playing a crucial role in the growth of the Internet of Things. It provides the required address space for the expected hundreds of billions of Internet enabled devices of the future. Furthermore, IPv6 provides a way to leverage standard Internet protocols all the way from the user to the end device. A form of IPv6 (6LowPAN) makes it possible for sensors and actuators that are small, low-power and cheap, to be connected to the Internet of Things.

Erion 6LowPAN Training Courses

Erion’s comprehensive 6LowPAN training covers all aspects of 6LowPAN using a wide range of tools and platforms. The course is aimed at all who are interested in learning about 6LowPAN and related technologies and those who wish to understand how to create IoT applications using 6LowPAN. This includes, network managers, hardware engineers, software developers and strategists.

The standard course is four-days long. However, this course is designed to be flexible. We can tailor the programme to your needs. This allows us to run the course for different audiences over one, two, three or four days. Please contact us for full details of the options.