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NEW DATES Erion are delighted to announce new dates for their advanced IPv6 training course focusing on deploying and securing IPv6 networks and systems.

Our Implementing and Securing IPv6 course provides you with all that you need in order to plan for, design, deploy and secure IPv6 in your network.

Course Details

Course: Implementing and Securing IPv6
Duration: 5 days
Location: Virtual (US/CAN)
Dates: 27th February to 3rd March 2023 (EST)
Exercise Labs: Remote Labs included
Delegate Fee: $4,190.00 (USD) / £2,995.00 (GBP) exclusive of taxes
Language English
Materials Digital access to materials for 1 year (no print copy included)

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Implementing and Securing IPv6 is of our most popular IPv6 training courses.

This is an advanced technical course that is ideal for all technologists interested in learning how to both deploy and secure IPv6. This course is constantly updated in line with the latest IPv6 standards and products. This course has over two decades of continuous development.

IPv6 training is becoming increasingly relevant in 2023 with the widespread use of IPv6 and the increasing deterioration of the legacy IPv4 Internet.

Deploying IPv6 not only future proofs your network but it also brings with it the opportunity for performance, functionality and operational improvements.

IPv6 is very different from IPv4.

The common belief that IPv6 is IPv4 with longer addresses is wrong. IPv6 is made up of many new features and functions which are often widely and subtly different from those in IPv4. Even IPv6 addresses are significantly different from IPv4 addresses, not just in size, but in how they are structured, their types, their attributes, how many their are and how they are used. It is crucially important when deploying and securing IPv6 to move away from legacy IPv4 thinking and fully appreciate the differences from IPv4.

Erion is the world’s leading IPv6 training company. With over two decades of experience of providing IPv6 training and IPv6 consultancy services, Erion has the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of IPv6 training courses. Erion’s courses cover all aspects of IPv6 on all major operating systems and platforms.

All Erion’s IPv6 training courses are Gold certified by the IPv6 Forum. Our IPv6 security courses are also IPv6 Security certified from the IPv6 Forum.

This course will be delivered by Erion’s chief consultant Dr David Holder.

Please contact us for further details.