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I was honored to be invited to talk with Ed Horley and Scott Hogg on this week’s packetpushers podcast about Overcoming the Big Three Objections to IPv6 Adoption.

We discussed the three main objections that I face when engaging with Erion’s clients in IPv6 deployments and how I respond to them. In particular, we discussed the differences between business and technical objections and the importance of responding in terms that are meaningful to the audience.

I also suggested a number of important points that are useful to make when justifying IPv6 adoption projects.

Overcoming the Big Three Objections to IPv6 Adoption

We are pleased to announce a new and even more comprehensive version of our IPv6 Forensics training course. The new course is five days long rather than four and we have included even more material and exercises to an already extensive and detailed course.

This course is designed for network security professionals and network forensics practitioners who wish to learn about IPv6 forensics. Attendees first learn about the basic principles of forensics, before proceeding to examine all aspects of IPv6 to determine where and how to obtain IPv6 forensics evidence. The course also covers a considerable number of important security and forensics tools and shows how forensics practitioners can use those tools to analyse IPv6 incidents.

Each module includes step-by-step practical exercises showing how to use each tool and extensive practice analysing simulated incidents. These tools include; packet capture tools, flow capture tools, system and applicating logging tools, intrusion detection systems and security systems. The course also includes how to configure and use Elasticsearch to capture and analyse a large set of different IPv6 evidence ranging from flow data to application data.

As always with Erion courses, this course includes comprehensive manuals consisting of a course manual, an exercises manual and an exercise solutions manual (over 530 sides in total).

For full details of this course see the IPv6 Forensics 5 days course description. For upcoming public training events see our training schedule here. If you do not see a location or date that meets your requirements, then please contact us to discuss what we can do with you. This course is also available in a virtual classroom and as a closed on-site event.