If you are preparing to deploy and secure your network for IPv6 then this IPv6 training is for you. Erion brings you the best in IPv6 training. We have extensive experience with IPv6 having provided IPv6 training and consultancy services for over 18 years, longer than any other independent IPv6 training provider. Also, we are proud to have the world’s largest and most IPv6 training portfolio covering all aspects of IPv6 on all major platforms.

The course that you can attend in November, is one of our most popular IPv6 training courses. The course, Implementing and Securing IPv6, is a comprehensive technical course that is ideal for all technologists interested in learning how to both deploy and secure IPv6. It provides all that you need to understand the issues surrounding IPv6 deployment and security and includes comprehensive practical hands-on labs to allow you to gain experience with real-world scenarios.

This training is becoming increasingly relevant in 2016 with the announcements by all of the UK’s major ISPs that they will be turning on IPv6 for their customers this year. Now that over 50% of the world’s major content providers are IPv6 enabled and almost 100% of Internet transit providers are IPv6 enabled, end-users with both IPv6 and IPv4 find that over 70% of their traffic is over IPv6 rather than IPv4.

Deploying IPv6 not only future proofs your network but it also brings with it the opportunity for performance, functionality and operational improvements. For example, Facebook found that end users using IPv6 experience a 15% performance improvement over end users using IPv4. Also, in the long term, IPv6 is the only protocol suitable as a basis for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Furthermore, we already reaching the point where organisations are not only considering moving to IPv6-only networks but have already deployed such networks.

IPv6 is very different from IPv4. The common belief that IPv6 is IPv4 with longer addresses is wrong. IPv6 is made up of many new features and functions which are often widely and subtly different from those in IPv4. Even IPv6 addresses are significantly different from IPv4 addresses, not just in size, but in how they are structured, their types, their attributes, how many their are and how they are used. It is crucially important when deploying and securing IPv6 to move away from legacy IPv4 thinking and fully appreciate the differences from IPv4.

Erion is the world’s leading IPv6 training company. With over 18 years experience of providing IPv6 training and IPv6 consultancy services, Erion has the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of IPv6 training courses. Erion’s courses cover all aspects of IPv6 on all major operating systems and platforms.

All Erion’s IPv6 training courses are Gold certified by the IPv6 Forum. Our IPv6 security courses are also IPv6 Security certified from the IPv6 Forum.

This course will take place in our Edinburgh, UK venue which is situated in the city centre near to the world famous Edinburgh castle. There are many excellent facilities and hotels within walking distance. Edinburgh is easily reached via Edinburgh airport and by the UK rail and road network.

The training fee includes, access to excellent facilities and the provision of a complimentary breakfast, sit-down lunch and unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit throughout the day.

This course will be delivered by Erion’s chief consultant Dr David Holder.

Course Details

Course: Implementing and Securing IPv6
Duration: 5 days
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Dates: 7th to 11th November, 2016
Exercise platforms: Linux (default), Cisco IOS, Windows
Delegate Fee: £2,195.00 (GBP) + VAT if applicable

Please contact us for further details.

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