The North American IPv6 Task Force (NAv6TF) 2017 conference is to be held at LinkedIn’s headquarters (Sunnyvale, CA) on the 26th and 27th April 2017. Details can be found here.

Erion’s chief consultancy and CEO Dr. David Holder will be speaking at the event on  CGN a Driver for IPv6 Adoption. Here is the abstract:


The IPv4 address space is exhausted and the scarcity of addresses is leading to the deployment of techniques to preserve and better utilise currently allocated addresses. Amongst these techniques, Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) is one which service providers are increasingly deploying in their access networks.

The long-term solution to address exhaustion is IPv6 with its enormous address space. However, the existing and widespread deployment of IPv4 networks and systems make it necessary to continue to support IPv4 into the near future.

The deployment of CGN is not without its challenges. CGN in the data path affects all players; end users, application developers, service providers, carriers and content providers. CGNs can impact banking applications, internet advertising, internet analytics, legal Intercept, computer forensics, privacy, voice and messaging applications, games consoles applications, AJAX applications and much more.

This presentation reviews the implications of CGN, how it affects all parties, the actions that can mitigate CGN issues and why the increasing deployment of CGN is an important driver for the adoption of IPv6

Bio: Dr David Holder CEng FIET MIEEE

Dr Holder has over twenty-eight years’ experience in the IT industry in senior technical and management posts. He is currently the CEO and chief consultant at Erion Ltd, the world-leading IPv6 training and IPv6 consultancy company.

In his role at Erion, Dr Holder has had over nineteen years’ experience providing IPv6 consultancy to leading global organizations worldwide. He has assisted organizations to develop IPv6 strategies, enable IPv6 in their products, create IPv6 address schemas and deploy IPv6. His experience covers all major networking and operating system platforms.  Clients include Alcatel Lucent, Arbor Networks, Atos Origins, Brocade, BT, Dell, Ericsson, HP, IBM, Sony and Sophos.  He is the author of white papers, solution guides, books and training courses on IPv6 and related topics. Recent papers include two published by the UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom on IPv6 and CGN.

In addition to his role at Erion, Dr Holder is active in promoting IPv6 both in the UK and abroad where he is a regular speaker at IPv6 related conferences. He is the chairperson of the IPv6 Task Force Scotland, founder of the IPv6 Future Enabler conference and is a regular speaker at Global conferences on IPv6.

Dr Holder has a PhD in High-Frequency Semiconductor Physics and an Honors degree in Electronic Engineering. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering Technology and a Member of the IEEE. He holds several industry qualifications.

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