NEW Erion are delighted to announce a new advanced IPv6 training course focusing on network forensics for IPv6 networks and systems.

This course is designed from the ground up to provide forensic investigators and network security professionals with all that they need to carry out effective IPv6 forensic investigations. In today’s cyber security aware environment, network forensics is playing an ever increasing role in investigating incidents. The significant growth in IPv6 within enterprise networks, the Internet of Things and the widespread deployment of IPv6 on the global Internet means that many current and future incidents will involve network forensics in IPv6 environments.

The often complex and varied differences between IPv4 and IPv6 mean that there is a very real need for investigators to learn about IPv6 and adapt their existing skills for IPv6 networks as well as understanding where new tools and approaches are required.

This course covers all aspects of IPv6 network forensics and provides both a grounding in advanced network forensics techniques and in the IPv6 technologies and tools that are available to assist investigators. The course includes details of the relevant aspects of the IPv6 protocols, implementations and operations pertinent to gathering evidence

The IPv6 Forensics course is run over 4-days and contains twelve comprehensive modules. Each module has extensive hands-on practical exercises so that delegates can explorer and gain experience with the techniques and tools taught in the course.

Erion can provide this course on-site at your premises or you may wish to attend one of our public runs of the course. If you wish we can create a tailored IPv6 training programme for your organisation that includes modules from this and any other of our many IPv6 courses. We can also accompany the training with specialist IPv6 consultancy.

The full course description can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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