On a recent flight to the US I sat next to the IT director for a global corporation. He asked me why I was travelling, to which I answered that I was giving the keynote presentation at an IPv6 conference held by the US Federal government. Without hesitation, his response was “IPv6 is not even on my radar”.

This set me thinking about blockers to IPv6 adoption and how we can address them.  First, I spoke about this at the UK IPv6 Council’s annual meeting in December 2017 (slides, video).

More recently I have expanded upon this important topic in two posts; one on the APNIC blog and one, to mark the World IPv6 Day anniversary, on the RIPE Labs blog.

After over twently years of working with IPv6 we have reached the point where not only is IPv6 mature, widely implemented and deployed, but also where the gradual deterioration in the legacy IPv4 Internet is becoming a driver for adopting IPv6. What remains is to demonstrate that the blockers to IPv6 adoption are not as significant as some believe. Take a look at my post and let me know what you think.

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