Today, IPv6 comes as standard in all major operating systems. Users with IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity find that over 75% if their network traffic is carried by IPv6 rather than IPv4. Globally, the Internet is moving towards an IPv6 world.

The growth in IPv6 deployment has significant consequences for network security and in particular network forensics. Erion’s new course, IPv6 Forensics course, is designed to address the needs of those tasked with carrying out forensic investigations in IPv6 networks. This advanced course covers how to effectively collect and analyse IPv6 evidence. It covers a wide range of techniques and tools that allow an investigator to securely record the often transitory network evidence and then filter, dissect and analyse it.

Throughout the course delegates will learn how to use tools to capture packets and network information and then interpret the results. Each modules includes extensive practical work on real-life scenarios.

Modules in the four day course include:

  • IPv6 Forensics Fundamentals
  • Sources of IPv6 Evidence
  • Interpreting IPv6 Addresses
  • IPv6 Traffic Capture and Analysis
  • IPv6 Flow Capture and Analysis
  • Evidence from Neighbor Discovery (ND)
  • DHCPv6 Forensics
  • IPv6 Name Resolution Forensics
  • IPv6 Transition Forensics
  • IPv6 Application Forensics
  • IPv6 IPsec Forensics
  • IPv6 Network Evidence

Full details of the IPv6 Forensics course can be found here.

The first public course will run in February 2018. Please contact us if you require an on-site closed course or an earlier event.

Course Details

Course: IPv6 Forensics
Duration: 4 days
Location: London, UK
Dates: 6th February to 9th February 2018
Delegate Fee: £3,190.00 (GBP) + VAT if applicable

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Erion is the world’s leading IPv6 training company. With over 19 years experience of providing IPv6 training and IPv6 consultancy services, Erion has the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of IPv6 training courses. Erion’s courses cover all aspects of IPv6 on all major operating systems and platforms.

All Erion’s IPv6 training courses are Gold certified by the IPv6 Forum. Our IPv6 security courses are also IPv6 Security certified from the IPv6 Forum.

This course will take place in our London, UK venue.

The training fee includes, access to excellent facilities and the provision of a complimentary, sit-down lunch and unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit throughout the day.

This course will be delivered by Erion’s chief consultant Dr David Holder.

Instructor Bio: Dr David Holder CEng FIET MIEEE

Dr Holder has over twenty-eight years’ experience in the IT industry in senior technical and management posts. He is currently the CEO and chief consultant at Erion Ltd, the world-leading IPv6 training and IPv6 consultancy company.

In his role at Erion, Dr Holder has had over nineteen years’ experience providing IPv6 consultancy to leading global organizations worldwide. He has assisted organizations to develop IPv6 strategies, enable IPv6 in their products, create IPv6 address schemas and deploy IPv6. His experience covers all major networking and operating system platforms. Clients include Alcatel Lucent, Arbor Networks, Atos Origins, Brocade, BT, Dell, Ericsson, HP, IBM, Sony and Sophos. He is the author of white papers, solution guides, books and training courses on IPv6 and related topics. Recent papers include two published by the UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom on IPv6 and CGN.

In addition to his role at Erion, Dr Holder is active in promoting IPv6 both in the UK and abroad where he is a regular speaker at IPv6 related conferences. He is the chairperson of the IPv6 Task Force Scotland, founder of the IPv6 Future Enabler conference and is a regular speaker at Global conferences on IPv6.

Dr Holder has a PhD in High-Frequency Semiconductor Physics and an Honors degree in Electronic Engineering. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering Technology and a Member of the IEEE. He holds several industry qualifications.

Information on other Erion IPv6 courses can be found on our IPv6 Training web-site.

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