In line with the other large ISPs in the UK, BT has announced the deployment of IPv6. They have set a deadline of the end of 2016 for their entire network to be IPv6 enabled.

This is fantastic news for end users in the UK.

The IPv4 Internet has been kept operating using a number of techniques to preserve IP addresses. These techniques have degraded functionality and put a limit on innovation and growth. IPv6 removes these limits and provides a higher quality of service to end users.

IPv6 provides an end-to-end service that is not impeded by Network Address Translation (NAT) or Carrier Grade NAT (CGN). As a result IPv6 can bring performance improvements and makes innovative applications possible.

IPv6 is a foundational technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) where billions and possibly trillions of addresses will be required. Today many of the leading IoT technologies are being based on an IPv6 using 6LowPAN.

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