The Samba team have released a new preview version of Samba 3.2. This version includes the changes that Jeremy Allision made to enable IPv6 support in Samba 3.2.

At last year CIFS workshop at Google, Erion’s David Holder gave a presentation on how to IPv6 enable Samba. As a result Jeremy took up the challenge to IPv6 enable Samba 3.2 in “three weeks”. Jeremy succeeded.

Erion’s testing of the IPv6 enabled version of Samba 3.2 produced very good results. A few minor changes were required in order to allow Samba 3.2 to join a Windows Server 2008 domain. Finally, in January 2008, Erion’s David Holder made the first ever IPv6 join to a Windows Server 2008 AD domain using Samba 3.2.

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