Today day is the World IPv6 day the day when many well known companies will turn on IPv6 on their web-sites and email servers for the first time.

Here at Erion, we have been running IPv6 for nearly 15 years and so we have no need to turn anything on today, it will be service as normal. For a long time we have successfully run all our Internet facing services over IPv6 and most of our internal services over IPv6. This has been a great success and we have experienced very few problems. In the main, the deployment of IPv6 was easy.

However, as the world’s leading IPv6 training company, you would expect us to get the deployment of IPv6 right.

For others it can be more challenging. It is easy to turn on IPv6 services but there are many differences between IPv4 and IPv6 that can lead to problems. Many assume that IPv6 is the same as IPv6, just with longer addresses. This is not the case. IPv6 has many differences, for example use of multicast, auto-configuration, transition mechanisms and support for new features such as mobility. In addition, the large number of Transition Mechanisms bring a great deal of additional complexity to IPv6. Therefore, when deploying IPv6 is it is important to understand the differences from IPv4 and learn the about the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

To all those who are enabling IPv6 for the first time, we wish them a successful World IPv6 day!

About Erion

Erion is the world’s leading provider of IPv6 training. We have the largest portfolio of IPv6 training courses, suitable for all audiences, covering all aspects of IPv6 on all major operating systems and platforms. In addition to our public IPv6 training schedule, we also provide IPv6 training as on-site courses and we provide Erion Modular IPv6 Training which allows for a bespoke training programme to be created based on our hundreds of IPv6 training modules.For further information please contact us on +44 (0)1422 207000, or through our web-site contact form.

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