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IPv6 Samba4 Server Hack

At SambaXP I demonstrated a version of Samba4 that was IPv6 enabled. In the attached document I describe how you can IPv6 enable Samba4. This enables IPv6 for the server side of Samba4.

The IPv6 Samba4 patch can be obtained from here (Samba4 IPv6 Server Patch) and the instructions from here (Instructions for Enabling IPv6 in Samba4).

2 Responses to “IPv6 Samba4 Server Hack”

  1. Luis Says:

    hey i have all ready the document translated to spanish you can send me an email if you like to add to your web

  2. admin Says:

    Many thanks to Luis Rondón Paz who has created a Spanish version of the Samba4 IPv6 hack instructions. This can be obtained using the link below.